The Floyd Wickman Team’s
$99 Per Month
R Squared Coaching Program

As a participant in the Floyd Wickman Team's R Squared Coaching Program, I agree and commit to all of the the following:

I. Abide by The Floyd Wickman Team Core Values
To Always...

... Live by the "Get by Giving" philosophy
... Make my client's #1 goal, my #1 goal
... Live up to my standards, despite temptations to lower them
... Be willing to work toward a common good
... Do what I say I will do, sometimes more, just never less

II. Complete the Mandatory Assignments each week:

1. 18 qualifying conversations, or two 5-90-10 sessions per week
2. Maintain my CRM (1-31 prospect follow up system)
3. Complete a SMART Week, including blocking out, color coding and Top 5 Things To Do each day
4. Train The Brain daily
5. Track and report SMART Numbers and send Good News emails to my team

III. Complete confidentiality within my team.

IV. Abide by the 3 Strike System. Strikes are earned for failure to complete the Mandatory Assignments or any absence not excused in advance. I understand that if I earn a total of 3 strikes in 8 weeks, the Coach can put me out of the R Squared Coaching Program with no reimbursement. Strikes will reset to 0 after week 9 and week 17.

V. I understand this is a 6 month commitment (July through December 2017) and that there are no refunds after the first call


We're sorry, the enrollment period has ended.

2016 Closed Sides
2017 goal for closed sides

Choose your option:

$99 per month for R Squared Coaching; a total of 6 monthly payments beginning July 1, 2017


$159 per month for R Squared Coaching and discounted admission to the 2017 Business Breathrough Workshop; a total of 6 monthly payments beginning July 1, 2017