Good News Reports By Mike Pallin,                                                                                                                                             Floyd Wickman Master Trainer and Floyd WIckman Team President

We have a tradition in our company called Good News Reports. Whenever one of us advances an opportunity to serve a client, we send an email or txt out to everyone else with the details, under the heading of Good News. Floyd taught us to do this because, as he says, “Encouragement is the fuel of hope.”

When we read of Jack’s success, it encourages us to reach out to our clients and friends, to persevere in our efforts to connect with those who need us. It also fuels the competitive juices. It builds on momentum. And it reminds us of the famous Wickman Awareness, “If anyone can, I can.” 

We encourage our students to send Good News Reports to their teammates during the program whenever they get a listing or make a sale. Invariably the teams that take this to heart end up being the most enthusiastic and the most productive. Many of our clients have adopted this practice company-wide and have found it to be a game-changer. 

So naturally, when we created our team coaching program, we included sending Good News Reports to the team as a weekly assignment, or mandatory activity. It’s one of the ingredients of what we like to call ‘The Wickman Way.’ Good habits are built on a foundation of mandatory activity. 

Most of my students in the coaching program copy me on their Good News Reports, and I love seeing them as much as the team does. Make a note of that. If you are part of a team, remember to include your leader in the good news. Your boss, your broker, your owner, your manager – they all want you to succeed, and they all root for you and take pride in your success. 

All of which is a prelude to sharing a Good News Report I received this past week. You have to see this because it explains the effect of a Good News Report better than any words I could possibly write. And I quote . . . 

“Dear Mike and Dear Ones in Team D,

I was doing my numbers as usual for our Friday call as I always do on Thursday nights. As I looked at the week, I was shocked to see I had the best week of my career. I had 6 transactions. I almost cried. This is all thanks to you, Mike, and the consistent support from all of you. I hear our call conversations any time something challenging comes up. When I feel inspired or lost or kicked down, I know I can take it to my team. How lucky we are to have this support. I love you all for what you so freely give. -Felice” 

Felice is of course referring to the power of the Master Mind principle that all of us in the coaching program get to experience every Friday on our team calls. Our coaching program is for teams of 8 people, who conference together by phone because they are from all over the country. For one hour every week we report numbers, measure progress toward individual and team production goals, share what’s working, and solve problems. Many consider their coaching team as their own Board of Directors. 

Napoleon Hill writes of the power of the Master Mind in Think & Grow Rich, citing the Master Mind group that included Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone, Luther Burbank and Charles Lindbergh. 

Make a note of this. If you want to build an effective team dynamic, get together once a week at the same time. Follow a formatted agenda that includes tracking activity and results, sharing ideas and problem solving. 

What if everyone on your team supported you, and encouraged you, and watched your back, and applauded your successes while sharing their own, and gave you objective advice, and held your confidences, and kept you motivated and inspired and accountable?  

Imagine that. Good News Reports. Try it. You’ll like it. 

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