New, The Floyd Wickman Network

I began a bold, new era in professional sales training recently when I stepped in front of a two-way camera and conducted a class with students many miles away. This inaugural event through the new Floyd Wickman Network went so well I thought I’d give you a sneak preview of things to come in the exciting world of sales training. At first I was worried that something would be lost over the airwaves since, after all, the power of my sales education programs has been my direct interaction with the students. They need to see my facial expressions and body language—a huge part of professional selling—and I need to see theirs as they respond to what I’m teaching.

Well, I’m excited to report that my first event in sales training with students on one end and just me on the other went extremely well. Very little was lost in translation and I was able to interact with more than 50 students as if we were all in the same room.

But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what the sponsoring broker, Bob Tenace of south Florida, had to say about the training:

“Having Floyd Wickman live at the press of a few buttons was an amazing experience. It was an excellent sales training opportunity for our agents to go one-on-one with this master trainer without having to leave the office. Beaming ‘The Man, the Method’ directly into our conference room with his powerful dialogues and techniques will go a long way toward meeting our professional sales training goals.”

National Communications Corp President Mark Murray, the technical wizard behind the new network, commented: “Students are able to interact with Floyd as if he was standing right in front of them. The two-way system allows the trainer to maintain a personal touch and spend much more time with the students than he would have in a formal training class. The Floyd Wickman Network is a great way for companies to get top quality sales education and training practically on demand.”

Aside from convenience, the network allows me to cover more material and answer more individual questions per class because it gives me more time to spend with my students. Travel time is eliminated and this reduces cost. In fact, affordability was one of the chief reasons I developed this sales training network and connecting with the most students at the lowest possible cost is one of my main goals.

Although the world is changing around us on almost a daily basis, one thing remains constant: People can control their own economy by continuing to improve their professional selling skills and mastering the art of selling. The Floyd Wickman Network helps me help professionals control their own destiny.


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