What Is The Big Difference Between Master Sales Academy and Business Breakthrough?

Nov 15, 2018

What Is The Big Difference?


A new student visits our website and writes, “I see you have two events a year, a Business Breakthrough and a Master Sales Academy. What is the big difference between the two?”


Thank you for asking, and before I get to the differences, there are some very important similarities.



  • Both events are two full days.

  • You have to get away from home and work.

  • Floyd speaks (and hangs out with us).

  • Program graduates and guests and friends from all over North America attend. Even first-timers are made to feel welcome and part of the family as soon as they arrive.

  • Inspiration, motivation and education.

  • We always put our collective heads together and solve problems and share ideas.

  • Both events are highly interactive, not just sit and listen.

  • Some of the best learning takes place socially before and after the general sessions and break outs.

  • You will build relationships that last a lifetime.

  • The best trained agents in North America sharing the secrets of their success openly, freely and willingly. By the way, they’re also some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

  • We sing, we pledge, we dance, we practice and we have a lot of fun.

  • And both events are specifically designed to make sure you hit your goals. In the end, hardly anything else matters.




  • The Business Breakthrough is in November and centers on crafting your individual business plan.

  • You will create a laser beam focus on your goal and a step by step implementation plan. The event will instilling an unshakeable belief in what’s possible for you. And we will install the support systems to insure you stay on track.

  • These are things you could do all by yourself, but 200 heads are usually better than one.

  • If you can solidify your plan by early November, you can wrap this year with momentum, enjoy the holidays and hit the ground running come January 1.

  • This year’s event centers on being prepared for what we predict 2019 will throw at us.

  • Attitude, Skill and Knowledge - the eternal triangle of preparedness.

  • In other words, how to bounce back quicker from adversity, and how to stay focused each day, each week, each month and all year.

  • How to take care of your money and build an economy-proof business.

  • How to convert more leads into appointments, and how to prevent fall-throughs.



  • The Master Sales Academy is in May or June and is our mid-year “check up from the neck up.”

  • What do you always do at the half-way point? Review your goals. Renew your commitment. And return to the basics.

  • Yes, we have awards and interviews and keynote speeches, but the majority of our time is skill building.

  • Every year brings new technologies, new competitors, new challenges and new wrinkles.

  • Every technology ages. What never gets old is connecting with people and being skillful at your craft.

  • It is all about becoming the Master Salesperson you are capable of being.



However you have been exposed to the Wickman family - as a graduate of The Floyd Wickman Program - as a member of an R Squared coaching team - as someone who has been at our workshops or seminars or one of Floyd’s 3,000+ speaking engagements – or if you have heard Floyd on audio or seen him on video – if you were invited by someone you know – or if you Googled “Best sales training in real estate” – you are welcome and appreciated - we hold these two events to make sure you hit your goal.


Thank you on behalf of Floyd and all of us on The Floyd Wickman Team!


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