What the 6-Figure People Do

Jul 11, 2011

This year's Master Sales Society Summer FORUM is going to be dramatically different from previous forums. Not so much in the format, but in the message, outcome and results the salespeople will get by having attended. This year, the attendees will leave thinking bigger results than ever and having a strong belief they can accomplish much more than they currently are. In addition, we are going to share with them several proven formulas that my studies have shown will dramatically increase a person's productivity. Finally, they are going to form relationships with, and continue to associate with, the big producers. Here's why:

Observing and working closely with many top 6-figure earners has given me an opportunity to distinguish the components that make for 6-figure earnings. I think of the Jenny Cooks, Jim Byrnes, Jamie Bodifords of the industry and find the commonalities. I watch all the people at the Master Sales Academy who have earned a Million Dollars and compare them to the people that so much want to earn that kind of money. I find three similarities:

  • They have the  mindset of a big producer
  • They use a method (formula) that works
  • They associate with big producers and have mentors

These key ingredients to success will come together in a phenomenal way July 15-16 at the Master Sales Society Summer FORUM. The message, outcome and results attendees get will change their incomes and change their lives. I look forward to seeing everyone there!

Listen now to a personal message from Mike & Floyd...FORUM Preview

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