Take My Advice, Please!

In this week’s episode of Mondays With Mike and Mary:

  • Roof Max

  • "I can't negotiate my commission until I know what we're working with"

  • 4:10: Draw a line in the sand with your clients to get them into an offer that will go through

  • Mike shares many pieces of dialogue to help your clients hear you and take your advice. Words to use to help prevent clients from making the wrong choice as we approach the holidays and end of the year.

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Analyze Mailing Costs
  • Check the ratio of referrals given to referrals received - how to decide which loan officer to keep working with

  • Finding your focus - using SMART week to block out your week

  • Overcoming “video-phobia”. Subjects to help you overcome this fear and one common theme: tell stories

  • ROI on the ‘mail’ part of your Mail Call See, Marketing Plan

  • “Every mailing has to have a hook (or call to action. A reason for people to respond to you.” - Mike Pallin

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How To Beat Procrastination (Part 2)

Technique number six: Systems eliminate thought.  When you have a checklist or step-by-step system for any process, you will be more successful at completing the tasks. Instead of trying to convince yourself to take the next step, the “next step” appears as a logical extension of the current one.  And we do love crossing things off our list, don’t we?

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High End Pricing

In this week’s episode of Mondays With Mike & Mary:

  • Door-knocking the afternoon your listing goes live

  • Using predictive analytics in your FARM

  • “How do I get my friends to list at the RIGHT price, not the emotional (too high) price?”

  • “What goes into my FSBO book?”

  • Why are they a FSBO?

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A New Sphere of Influence

In this week’s episode of Mondays With Mike & Mary:

  • Open rates are higher in messaging vs. email. Following up an email with a text 

  • Pre-listing appointment package, “Here’s what you can expect from me (different from every other agent)”

  • Be a listener

  • Some creative marketing ideas - where to put your logo

  • When the buyer TEXTS “We’ve changed our minds” after offer acceptance

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