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  • Are you getting burned out? A few ways to change your mindset, practice gratitude, and get back to feeling like yourself

  • How to Stop Worrying and Start Living - Dave Carnegie

  • “This is the way it’s going to be.” How to accept what you’re going through, when there’s nothing you can do to change it. How do I get myself to act?

  • “Taking small steps makes progress toward making our life better” - Mary Johnson-Pallin

What is the secret to success in real estate? Is it just hard work? Or is it hard work combined with working smart? If that was really that simple, wouldn’t there be more successful people in real estate?

There are a lot of hard-working, smart people in real estate - and many of them are missing that extra something that makes all the difference. Here it is spelled out for you by the man who learned it the hard way - failing first, and then succeeding beyond even his wildest dreams, all from applying this one simple principle of success. Thinking Successfully!

This week on Mondays With Mike & Mary:

  • You need to learn how to fail and start over. Preparing will help you not lose your mind or get overwhelmed, and to recover quicker.

  • One agent brought cookies to a FSBO listing and gave him some advice on holding an open house. How long do you think it took for the home owner to call and list with that agent?

  • Where to find business when you think you’ve tried everything

Ask the Experts

  • What to do when your client asks you to secure a buyer BEFORE they sign the listing paperwork

  • What is the second thing you should put into your SMART Week?

  • “When things become exceptionally dramatic, you can either get on the stage and join the mayhem, or direct it back from the audience”

  • Your problem solving capacity determines your income level