Need to pull yourself out of a rut? Have a strong desire to achieve more? Are you hurting financially?

Here's something to think about. No! Better yet, here's a question that needs answering. What if, for the next six months, you did everything you knew you should be doing do be successful? What would be the end result in just six months?

If you thought the right thoughts, did the right activities, used every talent God gave you, said the right words, responded positively to all negative situations and applied just the success principles you already know, what would be the end result?

Simple. You'd be happier, feel more secure, have a better self image, build your self confidence, you'd earn more, the people in your life will be drawn to you and, well on and on and on...

Most people will do what they need to do only after they hit bottom. The losers will stay there. The winners are the ones that realize they must begin doing those things they already know how to do.

You realize, "when you're down to nothing, God's up to something". Is it possible He is testing you to see if you are going to do what you already know to do?

All the books you've read, seminars you attended, recordings you listened to and coaching you received have prepared you with all you need to work your way up. Or, back up, as the case may be. All you need to do is do it.

As "my brother Zig" would say, "When one finger is pointing at the problem, three times as many are point to the solution".


If I could do it over again...