Handling the NO – Moving Beyond Stalls and Objections

An excerpt from Floyd's April Newsletter... You’ve made your presentation and asked for the business, and the prospect says, “No, we need some time to think it over.” Or “Thanks for all of the information. We’ll get back to you in a few days with our decision.”

This is where real selling begins, the exact moment that separates the good from the great. Stalling, hesitating, saying no is a natural human response and when the salesperson hears it, they mustn’t buy in and leave.  Do the reverse: Accept that this is a normal part of the selling process and dig a trench, sit back, relax, settle in, take a deep breath, and resolve to deal with the concerns and objections until you make the sale.

Memorize this response and use it every time you get a hesitation: “No problem. I understand. Do you mind if I ask why you want to (wait, think it over, etc.)?”

Find out what’s holding them back and then handle it. Great selling skills means finding out the EXACT reason for the objection and overcoming it. Let’s say, for example, they want to wait. Wait for what? Find out their reasons for wanting to wait and address them. The real reason may surprise you: The commission is too high, the appraisal is too low, they’re interviewing other agents. The experienced salesperson knows all of these possibilities in advance and is ready to handle them.

The Floyd Wickman Program teaches a number of Hesitation Handlers. Here’s one that will serve you well:

“I understand you want to wait, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. No problem. Let me ask you: Are you familiar with our Real Estate Timing Analysis? It’s a bird’s-eye view of all the factors that will affect the amount of time it will take to sell your home and get you your money. Do you mind if I go over these with you?”

The Timing Analysis is a powerful visual that shows sellers what it could mean to them in both time and money if they wait. Click here for a sample of the Real Estate Timing Analysis.

Here’s a demonstration from the master himself on how to handle objections.

Remember Floyd’s Rule of 3:

Always close 3 times, never more or less. Do this and you’ll get what you want most of the time and not push anyone beyond repair.

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