If by 'old school' you mean that we teach, demonstrate and practice dialogue selling skills, not sales scripts; that we not only show agents how to sell, but make sure they apply what we teach until it becomes a habit; that we foster teamwork and company loyalty; and that we acknowledge and recommend cutting edge technology to create efficiency . . . then, darn right we are old school.

Mike & Mary talk about some great topics on this week’s episode of Mondays With Mike & Mary.

  • The power of visualizing your goals - how that can springboard into action.

  • How increasing your number of conversations could really benefit you

  • Pricing strategy at a listing appointment, a great dialogue that Mary shares

  • You can’t handle a hesitation standing in someone’s front yard” - Mary

This is Floyd like you’ve never heard him before, in an ideal setting for this very personal and uplifting message - How To Be In Positive Control Of Your Life. This is the message that Floyd has dedicated the remainder of his speaking and training career to sharing with his audiences.