This week on Mondays With Mike & Mary:

  • You need to learn how to fail and start over. Preparing will help you not lose your mind or get overwhelmed, and to recover quicker.

  • One agent brought cookies to a FSBO listing and gave him some advice on holding an open house. How long do you think it took for the home owner to call and list with that agent?

  • Where to find business when you think you’ve tried everything

- Are you feeling overwhelmed during this season?

- Why you should Google your own listing

- The real value is found in giving what you have so you can get back what you need

- Why haven’t you been on a listing appointment in > three weeks? This student asked his team about how to get in the door

- What’s your best strategies for getting MY offers looked at and accepted (other than out-bidding everyone)?

Ask the Experts

  • What to do when your client asks you to secure a buyer BEFORE they sign the listing paperwork

  • What is the second thing you should put into your SMART Week?

  • “When things become exceptionally dramatic, you can either get on the stage and join the mayhem, or direct it back from the audience”

  • Your problem solving capacity determines your income level