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Become a Trainer

Ever think to yourself -- "I want to do that too!" -- when you see a speaker or trainer?

This might be the perfect time for you to explore those options...We're recruiting right now -- for the RIGHT people.

Why? Floyd Wickman has made it his passion his entire career to teach salespeople and entrepreneurs how to become their personal best and build long-term, sustainable business foundations. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of students have benefited from these powerful results-producing programs.

Floyd and his team of innovative trainers have brought real results and powerful solutions to sales professionals from a wide spectrum of industries.  From real estate professionals to loan officers, financial planners, general sales, network marketing and even troubled teenagers on probation, Floyd's team have moved people to change, to improve, to realize their goals and to believe that they truly can have more, be more and achieve more than they ever thought possible.   The bottom line is the Wickman method of training has impacted not only our students, but also their families, friends, clients and customers as well.

With a changing and challenging economy and market, this program is needed more than ever.  That's why we are expanding the team to meet this very real need.


The Floyd Wickman Trainers Academy is a three-day training and development experience for those who are interested in teaching The Floyd Wickman Master Selling Skills Program, and joining The Floyd Wickman Team as a full-time or part-time trainer.

My Trainers Academy will change your life. You will dominate your field, earn more, and win the respect and admiration of everyone around you. I guarantee it.

–Floyd Wickman

The Trainers Academy is offered three times a year, and is open to all Floyd Wickman Program graduates.



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