Listing Presentation Workshop

January 25-27, 2019

January 25: 1:30pm - 4:30pm

January 26 & 27: 8:30am - 4:30pm

Join Mike and Mary Pallin at the Liberty Station Courtyard Marriott in sunny San Diego for this 2 1/2 day workshop.

This workshop is about mastering the dialogues, techniques and tracks you were introduced to in The Floyd Wickman Program, so that you are at your absolute highest level of preparation for the 2019 Spring market, including:

  • How to land better appointments and lose fewer 

  • Pre-conditioning the Seller before your arrival

  • What you need to hear before they see you on their doorbell camera

  • Getting the 5 ‘Tie Breakers' to work for you

  • Million Dollar visuals

  • Four easy memory devices that keep you on track

  • Transitions and trial closes diagrammed

  • How to implement three listening skills that show people how much you care about what they care about

  • The four essentials of marketing

  • The pricing presentation that works in any market

  • A hesitation handling track that secures the signature

  • The 6 essential dialogues for protecting your full commission

  • Keys to remote presentations

  • Managing Seller expectations

  • How to leave the house with a client if you want the listing, and a friend if you don't

  • And a self-coaching presentation checklist

Hey, Floyd!

How do I go on more listing appointments?

Build a great listing presentation and you will go on more listing appointments.

How do I get the ones I want for clients, and leave the ones I don’t want as friends?

Build a great listing presentation and you will get all the clients you need.

How do I knock out my competition when they are talking to other agents?

Build a great listing presentation and whether you are first, second, or last, you will knock out your competition.

How do I get it priced right?

Build a great listing presentation and you will always get the right price.

How do I protect my commission?

Build a great listing presentation and you will never, ever again have to cut your commission.

How do I eliminate think-it-overs and hesitations?

Build a great listing presentation and you will always get a decision.

OK then, how do I build a great listing presentation?

That’s easy. Attend The Listing Presentation Workshop.

Mike & Mary are the ultimate training team to make sure you master, personalize and customize your Wickman listing presentation. Space is limited in the meeting room so book ASAP to secure your spot - January 25-27, 2019.