Master Selling Skills Program

The longest-running, most popular, best-results training program in the history of real estate. We specialize in training agents in the bottom half of production, especially those who need to get started or restarted. For over thirty years, our students have produced an average of one listing or sale per person per week while in training, even though 82% begin the program in the bottom half of production. Within one year of graduation, two out of three have graduated into the top half of production.

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Spaced Training

Floyd’s Philosophy – “You can teach a person too much all at once and they miss the whole point.”

We meet with our students one day a week from 9AM to 3PM for 7 consecutive weeks. They then go out and apply what they learned in class for the next 6 days in the field. Each week they come back to class with the experience needed to learn at a higher level.


Floyd’s Philosophy – “Teamwork makes the dream work. A group of people working together for a common goal, as a team, will always produce more than a group of people working as individuals.”

Team spirit and team recognition make learning fun, and team dynamics motivate everyone, and act as a great “pressure relief valve.”



Mandatory Assignments

Floyd’s Philosophy – “Education without application is worse than worthless.”

Knowledge doesn’t apply itself. Each week’s assignments are spelled out clearly and follow a logical order. The assignments include making contacts and having real estate prospecting conversations; utilizing CRM for prospect follow up; building a mailing database; planning weekly activity; and tracking weekly activity and results.

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