Speakers Academy

If your income is dependent on the ability to stand up in front of people and communicate a message effectively, The Floyd Wickman Team has a workshop with a 28 year track record of helping people like you.

If someone handed you a microphone and said, “OK, your turn to speak,” how would you react? The most common reaction is PANIC! Most people are deathly afraid of speaking in public because speakers are not born, they are trained!

You will learn:

  • The 5 Secrets Every Professional Speaker Knows

  • How to insure the success or failure rate of your speaking engagement up front

  • How to write and deliver an effective introduction

  • Staying on track with Four Parts of a Speech

  • Creating an instant "Us" with any audience

  • The skill of delivering humor that gets you invited back

  • Mastering the microphone

  • Deliberate movement and the power positions on stage

  • How to teach, entertain and motivate simultaneously

The next workshop is TBD in 2020.

The hallmark of Floyd Wickman’s speaking career came in 1987 when he was awarded the highest designation by the National Speakers Association, The Council of Peers Award of Excellence, and elected into their Hall Of Fame.

After more than 4,000 successful speaking engagements, Floyd took the lessons he learned about the platform, and the systems he had created for professional speakers, and distilled them into two-and-a-half days.

But it’s not just for trainers. We have trained teachers, brokers and managers, administers, financial planners, executives, salespeople, multi-level marketers, recruiters and leaders from many industries.

The opportunity to communicate your message to the ideal audience in the ideal setting for the ideal amount of time is a great privilege and a great responsibility, and you can spend a lifetime preparing your message.

All YOU have to bring is your topic and a willingness to apply Floyd’s timeless principles and techniques.

Or please email us if you are interested in bringing this workshop to your company!


Speakers Academy, 2018

Speakers Academy, 2018