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Starting February 9

Learn what to say and how to manage your time to be successful in real estate.

There's a reason The Floyd Wickman Program has been around for a long time... it works!

Master Trainer Mike Pallin is your teacher for this 12-week Program.


Earn more money.


"The key to consistent success is to keep putting yourself through the program."

-Floyd Wickman


Sure, social media is important, but it will only generate leads you won't know how to convert until you've mastered your selling skills.

Success Tools

Floyd's selling skills

Live Zoom Sessions

18 hours over 12 weeks of live instruction on Zoom

Accountability Partners

Weekly assignments, dialogue practice and classmates to hold you accountable

The Program consists of 12 live, 90 minute video conference sessions, one session per week over 91 days, focusing on mastering the 12 most critical sales dialogues of Floyd Wickman.

You will learn:
  • How to build a salable Book of Business
  • How to generate leads without having to buy them
  • How to convert leads into face-to-face appointments
  • How to deliver your personalized, dynamic listing presentation
  • How to get decisions and signatures
  • How to build repeat and referral-based relationships
  • How to sell more houses with fewer showings
  • How to get more offers accepted
  • How to manage your time and add balance to your life
  • How to hit your income goal
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  • Space is limited to 25 agents 

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Two payments

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  • Space is limited to 25 agents

Judy R.

Rochester, MN

"I primarily utilize what I learned in class for making initial contacts, and in doing my both buyer and seller presentations.  The class was such an inspirational and confidence booster for me! In August I will close more deals than I ever have as a realtor. I appreciate you getting me out of my comfort zone! The program truly works!"

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