Training Programs at a Glance

Making salespeople's lives better. 

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This is our passion.  Helping you get the most from your career, your life, your relationships -- that's what we do -- and what we've done for hundreds of thousands of sales professionals over the last thirty years.

And by making lives better we mean...more balance, and less stress.  More income, more security.  Better customer relationships, more referrals.  Stronger ties to your community, a resource people turn to.

Floyd Wickman Programs change lives by giving you the technical skills, tools, techniques, dialogues and mindsets you need to achieve everything you've ever imagined -- plus a little more.

We offer programs, training, coaching and events that have been carefully crafted over the last 30+ years to change your career.

This is hands down the best training and motivational group in our 17 years in Real Estate. Floyd and Mary were the driving force behind our success and stand behind us now when we face obstacles. It really brings tears to my eyes when I think of the good people we have met and what a blessing it is to be part of this family.
— J. N.

The Floyd Wickman Program- A trainer comes to YOUR city, fills the room with agents eager to succeed and trains them over 7 sessions in 6 weeks.

R Squared Coaching - 8 students per team, 1 trainer, 1 hour per week. Proven results within 6 months. Affordability. Accountability. R Squared Coaching is about you hitting your goals every time.

Master Sales Academy - Annual gathering of agents from all across the country for 2 days of selling skills training, networking, learning. This is the event every Master Selling Skills Program Graduate should attend.

Speakers Academy - Develop, sharpen, learn pivotal communication and speaking skills that will enhance your career. "Mastering the Microphone", "The 5 Secrets Every Professional Speaker Knows", & MORE!

Business Breakthrough - Develop business and personal goals for the upcoming year in this 2-day workshop. Network, learn, and grow in an environment that encourages a BREAKTHROUGH! Or two... or three..

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