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Coaching for Management


Does this sound familiar?

  • You wish you could spend less time putting out fires
  • You're feeling less satisfaction in your current role
  • You are looking for a RESULTS-driven option with a proven track record of success (no wasting time here!)
  • You're thinking there has to be a better way than "on-the-job" training
  • You seek a clear path for how to handle non-producers or agents that need to transition out of working for you
  • You want to motivate and inspire your agents but aren't sure how to really connect with them
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Meet Your Coach

Cathy Shepherd is a highly experienced broker and instructor. Her leadership skills have shone through time after time, most notably in 2021 when she recruited 70 agents in one year.

Her aptitude for attracting top talent and her commitment to fostering a thriving team environment make her uniquely qualified to lead this coaching program for management.

Cathy has been an active participant and member of the Floyd Wickman Family for over 25 years. Part of Cathy's philosophies include: a holistic growth mindset, innovation, modern leadership, empowerment, and impact.

Recruit the RIGHT agents!

Can you imagine...

  • You're in control in every interview and have a clear process outlined for each step
  • You obtain firm commitments from each candidate
  • You are able to identify and ethically attract experienced agents
  • You generate more candidate inquiries than ever before!

Recruitment is a big part of your job as a sales manager.

This program will train and coach you through the best practices for how to double or even TRIPLE your current recruitment rate.

(We're just scratching the surface here!)

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Results are important to us


"During all my years in real estate, no one has impacted me in such a positive way as this amazing woman. Cathy has such a way of inspiring me to be my very best. It is through her leadership that I was able to go from good to better and finally, best! Her words of wisdom and continued support of me were so encouraging that I often found myself succeeding when I didn’t think it was possible."

- Francine M.

"Cathy has pushed me to become the best agent that I could possibly be. Cathy has always made it clear from the beginning that she was there for her agents and would do anything in her means for her agents' growth. I find that to be a well-rounded real estate agent.. If it wasn't for Cathy, I would not be where I am today as a "partner" of a top producing real estate team in West Palm Beach."

- Jeremy L.

"Motivating, inspiring, and exceedingly enthusiastic...Cathy was my foundation, backbone, and biggest cheerleader as she guided, trained, and challenged me to grow my real estate business from $0 to grossing just under $25,000,000 in my fourth year of real estate. Cathy has the experience, knowledge, and tools to teach anyone to take charge of their business and engage."

- Michelle K.

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Before you reach out, this coaching program is especially created for those who recruit, including:

General Managers
Sales Managers
Office Managers
Branch Managers
Lead Agents of a Team

The next step is a confidential consultation with our head coach, Cathy Shepherd.

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We are a 1% company. 1% of all revenue gets donated back in the form of scholarships to agents in need of training or coaching.