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With over 20 years of real estate sales and management experience, Dawn brings knowledge and commitment to her students.  She is passionate about training agents and supporting real estate companies from the inside out.

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Mary is a Master Trainer and has been awarded “Trainer of the Year” 14x. She credits Floyd Wickman with taking her from a non-producing agent to a production leader able to control her time, her relationships, and her life.


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Floyd selected Mike as the first trainer to teach Sweathogs. He was among the first group of Trainers to earn the Master Trainer designation. Together Mike and Floyd have created training programs with more than a quarter of a million successful graduates. 

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As a long-term Master Trainer, Sheldon Sexemplifies professionalism. After 20 years in the communication industry Sheldon joined the ranks of the speaking profession and has since spoken to more than 2,500 audiences and trained more than 12,000 agents.

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