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R Squared Coaching

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Support & Accountability

R Squared calls are a confidential environment where you will solve problems, share advice, and exchange ideas with your teammates.

Weekly Call

One hour-long, weekly call with your Wickman Trainer/Coach and 7-8 teammates. Every call requires your active participation. Plus you have access to your coach  throughout the week.

Resource Center

Your membership includes The HUB, our online resource center with webinar recordings, customizable tools, a member directory, and time management essentials.

Stop spending money on dead-end leads

In R Squared, you will start learning how to work your Book of Business to generate repeat and referral business.

The agents that succeed

in this program are:

  • Tired of throwing money at¬†Zillow
  • Facing overwhelm or trying to cope¬†with burnout
  • Ready to scale their business but aren't sure how
  • Feeling alone in this business and needing someone to hold them accountable
  • Rocking and rolling in their¬†business but need quick solutions and advice for handling transaction issues and problems
  • Givers¬†and¬†believe in our Core Values and the #GetByGiving Philosophy
  • Willing to commit to this program and complete the weekly activities

Whether you are a new agent or a top producer, you face new challenges constantly as an agent. This program puts a group of 7-8 agents from around the US and Canada together with a Wickman-trained coach so you have a "Board Of Directors" to encourage and challenge you. Having this safe space keeps our clients participating in R Squared year after year.

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Where do we begin?

We've been coaching agents for 15 years and have learned a ton along the way. One thing we know for certain is that most agents prefer a quick conversation over the phone before making a commitment to this program.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to who you select as your coach, and it's a decision we can advise you on. If there isn't a mutual fit, it would be a tragedy to even start working together.

If you need accountability, new ideas, and a sounding board before making business decisions, drop your info below and one of our coaches will be in touch with you to schedule a short phone call. No spam. No pressure. Just two humans connecting to help you make the best decision for you and your business.

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Learn what activities you need to complete each week to hit your goals

When agents first join R Squared, oftentimes they aren't aware of their ratios or what activities they should be completing daily, weekly, or monthly, to stay on track to hit their goals. Your coach is here to guide you in the right direction!

We call it R Squared Coaching because the ‚ÄėR‚Äô stands for responsibility. Each member of an R Squared Team is responsible to and for every other member of the team hitting his or her goals. We¬†help¬†each other week after week with ideas, techniques, solutions, advice, support, and encouragement. You will speak,¬†contribute, and receive help on every call. The ‚ÄėSquared‚Äô means to a Higher Power, or to a greater degree. This coaching format is the embodiment of the ‚ÄėGet By Giving‚Äô philosophy.

Since July 2009, R Squared Coaching members have produced an average of 103% of their individual transaction goals.

A unique blend of one-on-one customized coaching, mastermind problem solving, cutting-edge shared ideas, and just enough accountability to your production goal.

I have been involved with R Squared Coaching for the past eight years. This coaching team has changed my life both personally and professionally. I count on these people to keep me in line and on track. It is the one monthly expense that I will NEVER give up!!

Your experienced coaches

Our Coaches are committed to living by our Core Values. They know your name. They know your goal and their number one goal is that you hit it. Our Wickman-Trained Coaches: Mike Pallin, Mary Pallin, Sheldon Spiegel, and Dawn Zehren.

Visit the Meet Our Team page for more info on each of them.

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What your membership includes:

  • One-hour weekly call OR Zoom with your Wickman Trained Coach and teammates
  • Participation and interaction in every coaching session
  • Access to all R Squared Coaches
  • Virtual workshops
  • Support and encouragement in a confidential environment
  • The HUB: an online center that¬†contains recordings of webinars and PowerPoint slides, like a Listing Presentation and Buyer CITO that can be personalized
  • 6-month commitment:¬†While many other coaching programs require a one-year commitment, 6¬†months is long enough to build or rebuild momentum and to see measurable results.


What have I gotten from R Squared Coaching? The synergy that comes from being part of a team. Realizing I'm not alone in this business helps me move forward when it gets hard.

R Squared Coaching keeps your numbers and production top of mind to help to ensure you stay focused on your goals. It has been an invaluable necessity to my business. - Erica Davies

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  • 1 hour call 1x¬†a¬†week with your coach and 6-7 teammates
  • Six month commitment (July-December)
  • Access to the HUB online resource center
  • Exclusive discounts and trainings



Pay in Full

  • 1 hour call 1x¬†a¬†week with your coach and 6-7 teammates
  • Six month commitment¬†(July-December)
  • Access to the HUB online resource center
  • Exclusive discounts and trainings