R Squared Coaching


R squared coaching

If you need a laser beam focus on your income and production goals, a foolproof plan for achieving them, unshakeable belief that you can and will achieve them, and a support team to make sure that you do  – R Squared Coaching is about you hitting your goal every year.


Michael Pallin

Mary Johnson-Pallin

Dawn Zehren

Since July 2009, R Squared Coaching students have produced an average of

  • 103% of their individual transaction goals
  • An average of 72 listings and sales per person per year
  • An average of OVER 32 closings per person per year



R Squared teams of 8 meet with their coach via telephone conference for one hour per week. 

We call it R Squared Coaching because the ‘R’ stands for responsibility. Each member of an R Squared Team is responsible to and for every other member of the team hitting his or her goals. We help each other week after week with ideas, techniques, solutions, advice, support and encouragement. The ‘Squared’ means to a Higher Power, or to a greater degree. This coaching format is the embodiment of the ‘Get By Giving’ philosophy.

Teams are forming now. Stop procrastinating. Raise your hand and say, “I’m in!”


Call Michael Pallin at (734) 637-4030 or Mary Johnson-Pallin at (612) 889-7400


Email: info@floydwickman.com