R Squared Coaching


Since July 2009, R Squared Coaching Agents have produced an average of:

  • 103% of their individual transaction goals

  • An average of 72 listings and sales per person per year

  • An average of OVER 32 closings per person per year


What exactly is R Squared Coaching?

R Squared Coaching is about you hitting your goal every year. It is the most affordable, results-proven coaching program in the industry.

If you need a laser beam focus on your income and production goals, a foolproof plan for achieving them, unshakeable belief that you can and will achieve them, and a support team to make sure that you do - you are in the right place. 

You will also have access to our Private Facebook Group where students share tips, successes, referrals, and continue building up our community.


Who are the coaches?

Our Highly Qualified Coaches (Left to Right):  Mike Pallin, Mary Pallin, Dawn Zehren, Brian Sharkey, and Shannon Taylor. They are all Certified Floyd Wickman Trainers with experience training and coaching Real Estate professionals from all over the country.


How does it WORK?

R Squared teams of 8 meet with their Wickman-trained coach via telephone conference for one hour each week. 

We call it R Squared Coaching because the ‘R’ stands for responsibility. Each member of an R Squared Team is responsible to and for every other member of the team hitting his or her goals. We help each other week after week with ideas, techniques, solutions, advice, support and encouragement. The ‘Squared’ means to a Higher Power, or to a greater degree. This coaching format is the embodiment of the ‘Get By Giving’ philosophy.

Remember, since July 2009, R Squared Coaching students have produced an average of 103% of their individual transaction goals

Our R Squared students are highly encouraged to attend our two annual events: Master Sales Academy (May) and Business Breakthrough (November). Attendance at events creates better chemistry, adding to the value they get on the calls.

I have calls and meetings all week.
This call is the only call I always get something out of, no matter what. I love knowing I can reach out to anyone on my team. Anything I need is only phone call away.
— M.R.
I have been coached for 20 years. The first 10 in a one on one relationship, and now 10 years with R Squared. I need the accountability. Here I also get the camaraderie, the love, the loyalty, the interaction, the wisdom. I know I can ask any question and receive unconditionally loving advice.
— M.A.F.
I keep a distance from the office and the people in the office because there’s a lot of negative energy there. This team keeps me connected in a positive way. There’s no negative energy and no drama here.
— B.P.