The 1% Fund

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What is The 1% Fund?

Less than 1% of the agents in North America have earned the Master Sales Society designation by completing all the requirements and graduating from The Floyd Wickman Program.


In their honor, our company has pledged to return a minimum of 1% of our gross income in the form of scholarships and grants to those in need of training and coaching.


How we started The 1% Fund

Will Burson went out of his way to help those in financial need, especially any real estate agent he knew who wanted to attend a Wickman event, like the Master Sales Academy or Business Breakthrough, but who needed help. He lived by the 'Get By Giving' philosophy.


Unfortunately, Will was taken from us way too soon. His mentor group, The Cin-Day Mentor Group, the longest running Wickman mentor group in North America, asked to 'pass the hat' at our next event and create a Will Burson Scholarship Fund, to carry on his legacy of helping those in need.


Although Will was never recognized with the 'Get By Giving' award, many of those who have won the award over the years have asked to expand their opportunities to 'return the favor', by donating to a general scholarship fund. In 2019 we created the 1% Fund, to honor Will's example, the example of so many other program graduates, and the Core Value we all strive to live up to, Floyd's 'Get By Giving' philosophy.


Get involved

If you know of someone who is experiencing a financial hardship and who would like to enroll in a Floyd Wickman Program, or a semester of R Squared Coaching, or attend one of our annual events, you can make a one-time or recurring pledge donation by clicking below.

All information will be kept in strict confidence. Thank you for continuing Floyd's legacy and "Get by Giving" Philosophy. Our Core Values are a gift from Floyd with immeasurable worth.

Our Core Values


To Always . . .

. . . Live by the ‘Get By Giving’ philosophy

. . . Make my client's #1 goal, my #1 goal

. . . Live up to my standards, despite temptations to lower them

. . . Be willing to work toward a common good

. . . Do what I say I will do, sometimes more, just never less

Your donations will be used to assist Floyd Wickman Program graduates who need financial assistance with either a ticket to our two annual events, or to a 6 month semester of R Squared Coaching tuition.

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