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A collection of audio, video and classic Floyd Wickman gathered for the first time online for one low, monthly price.

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A new way to get Wickmanized

Learn from the Duke of Dialogue

  • Classic Floyd Wickman Audios
  • 101 Greatest Dialogues
  • Lessons for Agents and Managers
  • New content added monthly
  • Mobile friendly listening platform
Listen and watch for $17.75/month

Meet the voices inside the Vault

Floyd Wickman

Floyd Wickman has touched the lives of millions of people from across the globe. His life story, captivating humor and ability to connect with people has made him a cultural phenomenon.

Mike Pallin

Mike runs The Floyd Wickman Team as President, he teaches the Floyd Wickman Program, recruits and develops the trainers, runs the annual Master Sales Society events, and directs the R Squared program.


Plus Floyd's son Gino Wickman, founder of EOS Worldwide, Master Trainer Mary Johnson-Pallin, and others.

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What's inside?

All Things Wickman. Student Resources, 101 Greatest Dialogues, Original Sweathog Audios, Straight Talk Selling, Business Planning Tools, Dialogue Dictionary, 15-Week Original Spaced Training Videos, 1-2-3 Management System, Core Values Club, Rapid Fire Recruiting

& more


Overall, it's a combination of Classic Floyd Wickman audios and videos, plus training for management, Student Resources from The Floyd Wickman Program, webinar recordings & more. We are consistently adding material to the collection and send an email to all members monthly to inform you of what's new.


No contracts or commitments. Start learning today.

Over 270 lessons of material are available to you immediately. If you need to learn selling skills, this is the subscription solution we created for you. After you sign up, download the app "Kajabi" to listen on the go and keep track of your progress. Cancel anytime.

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