Real Estate Training Workshops

Business Breakthrough

This workshop is dedicated to building your business plan and showing you how as a master salesperson, you can run your business and hit your goals. 

Under the guidance of the most trusted name in Real Estate training, this workshop will set you up for success next year and beyond. Business Breakthrough 2024 will be on November 18 & 19 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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Presentation Skills Workshop

This workshop is about mastering the dialogues, techniques, and tracks you were introduced to in The Floyd Wickman Program, so that you are at your absolute highest level of preparation, for listing presentations and buyer presentations, including: How to land better appointments and lose fewer; Pre-conditioning the Seller before your arrival; Transitions and trial closes diagrammed.

Leadership Speaking Skills Workshop

If your income is dependent on the ability to stand up in front of people and communicate a message effectively, this workshop has a 28-year track record of helping people like you. Floyd took the lessons he learned about the platform after 4,000+ successful speaking engagements, and the systems he had created for professional speakers and distilled them into 2.5 days. The opportunity to communicate your message to the ideal audience in the ideal setting for the ideal amount of time is a great privilege and a great responsibility and income-generating activity. This workshop is offered on-demand once we have enough interest generated. Join the waitlist by emailing us: [email protected]

Customizable Workshops

  • Building Listing Inventory in This Market
  • Buyers! Buyers! Buyers!
  • Winning in Multiple Offer Negotiations
  • Sales Meeting Training
  • Build a Bulletproof Business Plan & more

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