Success Stories

How does The Floyd Wickman Program, Coaching and Events transform lives?

Benita Wenzler

52 transactions/yr

Between Floyd Wickman training and R Squared coaching, you couldn't fail if you tried.

Michelle Rizzo

150+ transactions/yr

I am always at my best when I am in a Floyd Wickman accountability program.

Chuck Burg

Floyd appeared when I needed him the most.  This was the first real estate sales course where they actually taught sales.

Valerie Quade

I don't have to be a lone wolf. The support of the group helps upholding my standards.  Hearing that others go through the same challenges helps my persistence.

"It was amazing. I was feeling unsure  before Business Breakthrough. Now, I am sure about real estate."

- Kesha Branch, Milwaukee, WI

"Life-changing. I cannot say it enough."

Life changing...cant say it enough!  I tried to put my finger on what's the difference? Is it the knowledge? Is it the tracks? Is it the motivation that you along with the other Floyd Wickmaners?  It is truly a combination of all you are providing....the mindset is key for me.  

It's like a light bulb has brightened the way in my head.

- Sandy J., HER Realtors, Ohio

"How to succeed in business AND how to succeed in life - that is what I learn and train with The Floyd Wickman Team. It is an honor to serve this community of people who live the “Get By Giving” philosophy."

- Dawn Zehren, Trainer and Coach with The Floyd Wickman Team

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