Success Stories

Transformation through The Floyd Wickman Program

Benita Wenzler

52 transactions/yr

Between Floyd Wickman training and R Squared coaching, you couldn't fail if you tried.

Michelle Rizzo

150+ transactions/yr

I am always at my best when I am in a Floyd Wickman accountability program.

Chuck Burg

Floyd appeared when I needed him the most. This was the first real estate sales course where they actually taught sales.

Valerie Quade

I don't have to be a lone wolf. The support of the group helps upholding my standards. Hearing that others go through the same challenges helps my persistence.

"It was amazing. I was feeling unsure  before Business Breakthrough. Now, I am sure about real estate."

- Kesha Branch, Milwaukee, WI

"Life-changing. I cannot say it enough...

I tried to put my finger on what's the difference? Is it the knowledge? Is it the tracks? Is it the motivation that you along with the other Floyd Wickmaners?  It is truly a combination of all you are providing....the mindset is key for me.  

It's like a light bulb has brightened the way in my head."

- Sandy J., Howard Hanna, Ohio

"How to succeed in business AND how to succeed in life - that is what I learn and train with The Floyd Wickman Team. It is an honor to serve this community of people who live the “Get By Giving” philosophy."

- Dawn Zehren, Trainer and Coach with The Floyd Wickman Team

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"R2 is an absolute necessity in my business plan each year.  It motivates, inspires, and encourages me.  It gives me the benefit of YEARS of Real Estate experience with agents all over the country.  It keeps me accountable and helps me to see the blind spots in my business and personal life."

- Anonymous R Squared Member


"Mary Johnson-Pallin is a top-notch trainer and coach. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her style is nurturing yet she still holds her students accountable for their results. Mary had a tremendous impact on the agents in our company that attended the Floyd Wickman program and it has had a positive effect on our entire company."

- David Mussari, Managing Partner of BHHS Professionals

"I learned I need to take a step back, instead of going a million miles an hour.  Taking a day off, stepping out for lunch, and celebrating success along the way makes a difference.  I am not nearly as exhausted as I used to be.  I used to come home and just crash.  Now I'm mentally & physically better."

- Ronnie Cunigin





"This program taught me how to sell. It will sharpen your skills with timeless techniques and comfortable dialogue. Everything is step-by-step and easy to learn, and it held me accountable." 

- John Fesh

"I just graduated from a 7-week Floyd Wickman class. It stretched me outside of my comfort zone but boy did I gain some golden nuggets! It’s all to help me be a better REALTOR for my customers.  My core values are to always live by the “Get by Giving” philosophy, to always make my clients #1 goal my #1 goal, to always do what I say I will do, sometimes more, just never less!"

- Mary Dotson


"I’ve been in real estate for 40 years, closing over 100 deals a year. I thought I knew all I needed to know. R1 Coaching has brought me organization, efficiency, and peace. My business is in the best shape it has ever been. Hands down, Mike Pallin is the best damn one-on-one coach in the business, and worth every penny." 

- Vicki C.