The Floyd Wickman Program

Why do 20% of the salespeople make 80% of the commissions in Real Estate? Because selling Real Estate at the highest levels is not easy. It’s not easy, but it can be simple. One man and one program has made it simple to grow your business and your income to whatever level you can dream of. That man is Floyd Wickman. And his program is The Floyd Wickman Program. Hundreds of thousands of Real Estate salespeople have graduated from this timeless and timely program that always gets results. Production always goes up. No matter what time of year, what area of North America, or what the economy is doing, production always goes up.

 You will learn how to organize your time and business and how to balance your life.

 You will learn how to build a repeat and referral based business with no cold calling.

You will learn how to generate leads and how to convert leads into appointments.

 You will learn how to be in positive control on all appointments, how to price it right every time, and how to handle any and all hesitations. And most importantly, you will learn what to say and how to say it with the Wickman Method of Dialogue Selling.

“Our Wickman-trained graduates produce more than our non-Wickman graduates, and last year alone their increased production added an extra $500,000 to our bottom line.”
— Shawn Adams, CEO, HER Realtors

If you want to grow your business and realize your full potential as a real estate salesperson, Floyd Wickman knows the way that works.


Spaced Training

Floyd’s Philosophy – “You can teach a person too much all at once and they miss the whole point.”

We meet with our students one day a week from 9AM to 3PM for seven consecutive sessions over six weeks. Then, our students go out and apply what they learned in class for the next 6 days in the field. Each week they come back to class with the curriculum applied, and the experience needed to learn at a higher level.


Floyd’s Philosophy – “Teamwork makes the dream work. A group of people working together for a common goal, as a team, will always produce more than a group of people working as individuals.”

Team spirit and team recognition make learning fun, and team dynamics motivate everyone, and act as a great “pressure relief valve.” Our classes are divided up into teams and sectioned into groups that foster an encouraging and familial environment. 


Mandatory Assignments

Floyd’s Philosophy – “Education without application is worse than worthless.”

Knowledge doesn’t apply itself. The assignments each week are spelled out clearly and follow a logical order. They include making calls and contacts, having Real Estate prospecting conversations, utilizing CRM for prospect follow up, building a mailing database, planning weekly activity, and tracking weekly activity and results.

Cover of New Student Manual FWT.png

Updated Student Manual

The guide to The Floyd Wickman Program is the new Student Manual. Recently refurbished, modernized, and updated, this Student Manual is provided to each student in class and includes all the assignments, worksheets, and resources to lead them to success in the program and beyond.

Like all resources and materials used in class, the manual is available to all graduates forever.

A sneak peak of the newly redesigned manual cover is shown on the left.


The Process for Sponsoring a Successful Floyd Wickman Program-

Step 1    Contact us to meet with a Floyd Wickman Program Trainer to see if there is a fit. We want to know what your concerns and objectives are first. Then, we will answer all your questions, establish a minimum number of students, and forecast production and ROI. No charge

Step 2    Meet with your Leadership Team to lay out the program timeline, take a tally of which offices will participate (if your company has more than one), and prepare for the next step. No charge.  

Step 3    Hold a Special Event for the agents. A three hour, 'nuts and bolts' sales technique seminar that also introduces the program opportunity in the final 20 minutes. This Special Event is delivered by a Floyd Wickman Program Trainer with Floyd’s Professional Platform Speaking Skills. No charge

Step 4    Set a date for Session 1 of the Program. Launch The Program! The students pay the tuition. The client provides the facility. We provide all the rest.


Contact Mike Pallin
(734) 637-4030 
for more information and to bring The Floyd Wickman Program to your city.