Episode 239: Creating Cooperative Tenants

Season #5

Parade of Techniques:

1. A Parade of Techniques from Mike for those who are subscribed to Cloud CMA (https://cloudcma.com/real-estate-agents)!

2. Two quick Parade of Techniques from Mary:
 a. Curbio - gives you money upfront so you can invest in repairs that you can pay back at the closing!
 b. “When I schedule my prospecting, I get it done. I need the rigidity of a schedule. Otherwise, the whole week goes by.”


Ask the Experts:

1. “I’ve been Wickmanized. I know how to get listings. I’m good at getting listings. But all the buyers I’ve been finding lately have been in the process for a while. How do I find those buyers who are just starting so they’re not already jaded, frustrated, and disappointed?”

2. “I’ve got a listing that is leased. There are tenants living on the property, and the sellers have asked me to coordinate the showings directly with the tenants. So how do I do that effectively?"