Episode 236: There's Nothing Scary About The Truth

Season #5

Parade of Techniques: 

1. A POT from Mike’s students who have never ever taken a Floyd Wickman Program, and who were introduced to Wickman tools for the first time. 

2. A POT from Mary’s students who live in Canada, and in the northern half of the United States. 


Ask the Experts: 

1. The last stat I heard is that most markets are up 15% in price year over year. So my number 1 goal is to help my clients get out of the house they bought last year without having to dip into their pockets at closing because they are getting a divorce. So, what do I do?

2. I got a listing, 429K, the offer came in at 410K. They countered back. Now, it’s time to put it back on the market. The seller wants to raise the price to 449K… What’s the motivation? They are moving to Florida. But they’re not going to buy, they’re going to rent down there til they figure out where they want to be.