Episode 235: Beware Of Buyers Backing Out

Season #5

Parade of Techniques:

1. Guess what’s back?! Contingent offers. Almost every market has them back again. However, we’ve got a new tool at our disposal! It’s called the “Supersede”, “Automatic Supersede”!

2. A POT from Mike that came out as a result of an Ask the Experts! “I’m working Expireds. And I’m working an expired campaign going back years and it’s taking me 6 to 8 hours a week to vet the leads before I call them, to see who’s actually come back on the market, if the owner still owns the property, finding the contact information. How do I cut that time down?”.


Ask the Experts:

1. I’ve got two investors. Two buyers. Both of them are cash buyers. They want to buy, fix up, flip. But I’m having trouble. I kind of doesn’t know what to tell them. I’m very much lacking in confidence that they can buy right now, buy RIGHT right now, flip it. I want to be able to say, “Ann, this is a great property because in 6 months when you get everything done you’ll be able to flip it, and make a profit. And I don’t feel that way! Like I’m scared! I’m nervous! What do I do?

2. Three different people with the same issue wrapped up in an Ask the Experts question. a. My buyers walked away 2 hours before closing. b. I had 3 deals collapse in one week. The first time ever! c. I got 2 buyers who were backing out of what I considered their first option. What conversation can I have with these people? What do I do about this? Teams are forming now. Join R Squared! floydwickman.com/r-squared-coaching