Episode 234: Free Leads And Toxic Clients

Season #5

Parade of Techniques:

1. A POT from two of Mary’s students about showing up at sales meetings.

2. Mike does a webinar called, “How to Get Your People Back into the Office and Create the Post-Pandemic Company Culture that You Want”.


Ask the Experts:

1. Three similar “Ask the Experts” questions from Mary’s students:

a. How do I become more effective at generating leads on social media?

b. Do you know anybody that uses a dialer? I need to expand my marketing beyond my 450 Book of Business CRM people.

c. I have an opportunity to spend $1,400 a month to buy a zip code from Zillow. They guarantee 6-7 leads per month. I have to make a 6-month commitment. I can afford it, but should I do it?

2. What do I do about someone, a toxic client who’s threatening to write bad reviews? Teams are forming now. Join R Squared! floydwickman.com/r-squared-coaching