Episode 232: I Priced It Wrong!

Season #5

Parade of Techniques:

1. We have lots of people looking at numbers over the last couple of weeks because we are in the second half of the year. What's your goal?

2. Many of you probably have wholesalers in your marketplace who target you and say, “I have this property that's hit the market... do you have a buyer?”. A lot of times these are people that bought in desperation. They paid cash for a house and gave it to the seller who thought they were getting a good deal and didn’t have to do anything. And this wholesaler comes in, flips the house, and takes the property. Here’s a POT from one of Mary’s students on how to get a listing out of those situations.


Ask the Experts:

1. I received a buyer inquiry on a vacant house. They want to look at that house and buy it. And they’re also a seller. They got to sell. Here’s the problem: it’s vacant. I looked them up on Forewarn, and the owner has the same address as the property but they’re not there. How do I find them?

2. What do you say when you need a price reduction? Join this mastermind of agents from all over the country. Teams are forming now for a new semester starting July 7: floydwickman.com/r-squared-coaching