Episode 231: Capitalize On Client Appreciation

Season #5

Parade of Techniques:

1. What do you do after the transaction? How do you capitalize on your sold listings? What do you do after the closings?

2. "I am attending a bachelor’s party at 2 o’clock today and I just got a call from my clients. I was showing them 4 or 5 houses yesterday. Something new came on the market. Guess when they want to see it? 2 o’clock! And everybody that I use as a backup is out-of-town! What do I do?!" This is an “Ask the Experts” that easily became a POT from one of Mike’s students.


Ask the Experts:

1. My number 1 goal is to be a big hit at a client party that I am hosting soon. So I want to really capitalize on this. It’s at a country club doing drinks and appetizers. I have a raffle, gifts, and gift bags. What else should I make sure to do?

2. What should I do now that the market is shifting?

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