Episode 230: Approach FSBO's With Confidence

Season #5

Parade of Techniques:

1. There’s a lot of talk about “the shift”. What are we seeing now that we haven’t seen in years? Price reductions, longer days on market, the actual time to hold an open house. So if there is a shift, what should we do right now? Listen in to hear three recommendations from Mike.

2. A POT about taking the co-op buyer, you’re the listing agent, and putting them on your mail call “see” list. Make sure you add them to your CRM because we know statistically that the co-op agent is likely not in real estate, 5 to 7 years from now


Ask the Experts:

1. I have a For Sale by Owner in my market that used to be listed. It expired. It didn’t sell with the broker. And my number 1 goal is to be able to approach that FSBO with confidence and get an appointment. What’s your best advice? 

2. My number 1 goal is to get myself to prospect. The challenge I am having is two weeks of bad numbers. I’m so busy. Tired all the time. I’m stressed out. And the first thing that I lose, the first thing I don’t do is prospect. What do I do? How do I get myself to make my calls? 


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