Episode 229: Systemized Listing Follow Up

Season #5

Parade of Techniques:

1. A POT from Mike that mentions Og Mandino in a recent t book by a movie star. Matthew McConaughey wrote a book, Greenlights, and he mentioned Og Mandino, the greatest salesman in the world change his life!

2. Our market is changing. Maybe you’ve noticed. So we’ve got properties staying in the market a little bit longer. This is an old but goody — this is a don’t forget to take advantage of this changing market.


Ask the Experts:

What’s your system to make sure you don’t lose a listing that isn’t ready to list now? What about all those appointments you went on two weeks, two months, or two years ago? How do you make sure those people haven’t forgotten you and choose you when they’re ready to hit the market?

1. "Lost a listing I should have had. Working on a listing lead for a year. I still don’t have it… The listing I lost was actually two on the same day. So what could I have done not to lose, or what can I do not to lose that listing lead I’ve been working on but didn’t get at that time?"

2. "My buyers come from marketing. My sellers come from referrals. I know I’m stronger than I was because I have been practicing. I’ve been role-playing with friends. I’m making my calls. But when they tell you, “This isn’t the right time,” “Yeah, we’re going to wait out this market,” How do you change your mind?

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