Episode 228: Super Qualified Buyers

Season #5

Parade of Techniques:

1. I met The Floyd Wickman Team the first week that I got licensed. I signed up for the class and the first thing you had me do is set a goal and get a picture of it, carry it around and look at it. Mine was “To take my daughter to Disneyworld.”

2. Two POTs from Mike:
 Listing agents are qualifying the buyer's agent, in addition to qualifying the offers. 
b. Here’s what started as a result of the market changing — they’re doing commuter open houses.


Ask the Experts:

1. When a buyer referral came to me they told me over the phone they have four pre-approval letters. Do I really need to connect them with my local lender? Do I really try to convince them to do five?

2. I have a listing and it’s an out-of-town owner so there’s a tenant in the listing. The buyers bought it and wanted to do an inspection. I wasn’t there. While doing the inspection, the tenant threatened to kill the buyer! My number one goal is to stay safe when I’m showing houses. What should I do?

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