Episode 226: Better Prospecting, More Appointments

Season #5

Parade of Techniques:

1. A POT from one of Mary’s students about the ‘escalation clause’. The student said, “You know, I never looked at an escalation clause in this way until last week. And I want to share it with everybody.”

2. Buyers went against her advice. And she was advised to, “put your advice in an email”. Whenever you’ve got a client who’s going against your advice, email them to create a record.


Ask the Experts:

1. What do you say on the phone when they text you, “I already have a Realtor”?

2. The pandemic has made me lazy in the “SEE” department. And I’m wondering will my lack of going out and getting face-to-face, seeing my client base, and my Book of Business, is that going to hurt my long-term clients? Do I go and see them?


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