Episode 225: Should I Invite Pre-Emptive Offers?

Season #5


1. What is the process for working your Book of Business? Which of course is the foundation for all success no matter what’s happening in the market. It is MAIL, CALL, SEE (12-3-1)! Here’s “SEE” from Mary!

2. Lots of talks this week about the market normalizing! Stabilizing! Track everything. Know your numbers. This is this week’s Parade of Techniques. 



1. “We got a preemptive offer of $25,000 over asking” So that’s what I communicated to my client. The Buyer's agent wrote it up and the seller accepted it and was elated! Should I have waited till it was on the market and held the open house? Did I do the right thing?

2. Canadian buyers came to my state. I did a sit-down CITO with them. We found a house. It was supposed to close last week. They cannot get here from Canada. Do you know why? They’re not vaccinated.

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