Episode 224: Learn, Let Go, Go On

Season #5

Parade of Techniques:

1. So, if you are not a Millennial, but you are working with Millennials, we’ve got a couple of tips for you! Here’s a POT that this non-millennial is doing to connect with her Millennials!

2. This market is shifting so quickly! Amateur hour is over. Everybody needs a professional, more than ever right now. Your sellers need a professional, your buyers need a professional, the inspectors need a professional, the appraisers need a professional… Be the PRO! 


Ask the Experts:

1. I want to rebrand myself, I want some new social media angles… you know, Facebook versus Instagram. What do I do?

2. Somebody was getting ghosted by the prospects. How long do I hang on, keep trying? When is enough, enough? When do you let them go? Consider joining this incredible mastermind of agents from all over the country. Teams are forming now: floydwickman.com/r-squared-coaching