Episode 223: How to Make Better Business Choices

Season #5

Parade of Techniques:

1. Here is what you learn when you grow up: No one is coming to rescue you, no one is coming to save you. This is your life.

2. The easiest sale I’ve ever made - no competing offers. Explore this really easy way to find homes that your buyers can buy as is! 

Ask the Experts:

1. I’m so discouraged. I’ve been working with these buyers… I have two buyers this week, who made fantastic offers, a 600-price point, and they’re making offers for 650K, first, they need financing. But they’re discouraged, I’m discouraged, I think it’s contagious! How do I get my energy back? I do not like real estate right now. I feel I’m not having fun.

2. I got a great referral source. Probably my best referral source. What do I do for them? Consider joining this incredible mastermind of agents from all over the country. Teams are forming now: floydwickman.com/r-squared-coaching