Episode 201: Preventing Fall - Throughs

Season #4

Parade of Techniques:

1. A fantastic dialogue from a rockstar and sharp agent to get FSBOs to sit down for an appointment: “I can’t think of one property in this area in your price range that didn’t have multiple offers over the last 6 months. So what if I could show you a way to pay the commissions and walk away with more money than if you didn’t pay the commission and just sold it yourself. Would you at least be willing to entertain the idea?” And they sat down and they listed the house!

2. The 10th Commitment from Business Breakthrough — World class service! Deliver world-class service and get repeat and referral-based business.


Ask the Experts:

1. What do you do to implement all of the things that you have learned?

2. How do I deal with four (4) fall-throughs?


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