Episode 194: Build Inventory Now

Season #4

Parade of Techniques:

1. If you use Gmail, there is a free app called Google Keep. Check it out and see if you could replace your SMART week with it. It allows you to color-block, puts it on both places at the same time. It’s wonderful! Give it a shot.

2. We’ve been so obsessed with Zillow reviews, and Yelp, and other kinds of reviews, and we forget that the biggest SEO optimizer is Google reviews!


Ask the Experts:

1. I have to find three listings from nowhere. Where can I look?

2. It’s the fourth quarter. I haven’t done my “see” yet. I wanna see my people on the Book of Business, but I want to do something unique this year. My client appreciation, I wanna make a splash in the market. What can I do that’s unique this year?


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