Episode 193: When To Walk Away

Season #4

Parade of Techniques:

1. Who’s the perfect client for you? Isn’t it somebody who lives in your market, frequently moves, stays in your market, and refers all their friends and family to you?

2. Working with sellers who are dirty, messy, and cluttery? Communicate to your sellers that counters and shelvings should be 75% bare. Make it mathematical, make it logical!


Ask The Experts:

1. I’ve been asked to be on a panel at a retreat for producers. And the question is, “What have you done this year, to improve your business? What have you done during the pandemic to improve your business?”

2. What do you do when you go on a listing appointment and every instinct is telling you, “They’re trying to take advantage of me. They just need a second opinion. They’ve already made a decision to go with a different Realtor.” ?


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