Episode 192: Keeping It Together

Season #4

Parade of Techniques:

1. This is a local bank, not a big bucks bank, that does ‘umbrella loans’. They do a loan for the first mortgage on the seller’s house, and it’s interest only for 16 months! Find a local lender who’s willing to do that, and get that umbrella loan alternative going for you, and you’ll get more listings.

2. You’re having an open house because you’re in control of your listing inventory, you’re not going to present offers until after the Open House, anyway. Here is a fun idea for the night before...


Ask the Experts:

1. "I just had my best month ever! And all I’m doing now is managing the transactions."

2. "My number one goal is to keep my transactions together. The challenge I’m having is, how do you handle those post-inspection buyers who want stupid repairs?"