Episode 240: We Want to Buy One First

Season #5

Parade of Techniques:

  1. If you’re a Wickman graduate, you have learned, “Mail, Call, See”. What is the “See”? We think of it as a party sometimes or taking people out to dinner, an event. But here’s another way to do a “see” that’s really working for one of our students!
  2. Mike’s got a technique and it’s more of a “something new in the market”. The return of the contingent offer! And why are we seeing the return of the contingent offer?

Ask the Experts:

  1. This is an agent who has never done a seller who’s in the process of getting a divorce and needs to list their house. Never experienced it before, knows that that’s what she’s going to encounter tomorrow night, so she comes to her meeting with her R2 group and she said, “How do I project impartiality? How do I give them great advice? How do I provide the best service to someone who’s divorcing?”.
  2. 9 out of 10 sellers need to find suitable housing and guess what they’re thinking, “Maybe we should look first and see if we can find something!”