Episode 249: Getting Buyers To Make Better Decisions

Season #5

Parade of Techniques:

1. “Take time for your heart.” What does that mean? You got to find time in your busy, busy life — real estate life, family life, to also take care of YOU.
2. Do you remember the multiple offer market we used to have? And some people still do, and for others, their market has turned 180 degrees in the other direction, or at least it feels that way because it’s not so frenzied. So it’s time to dust off an old question!

Ask the Experts:

1. What do you do with a good buyer? My number one goal is to sell my good buyer a house. What do you do with a good buyer who is qualified, they’re willing to go look for homes with you but they’re pokey. You know, they’re slow to decide, and when they do find one they write a lowball offer.
2. My number one goal is to put together five deals by the end of the year. What’s holding me back, I think, is trying to be perfect. Trying to have the perfect prospecting “script” or approach. Trying to have the perfect presentation. What can I do about that?