Episode 254: More Conversations, More Listing Leads

Season #5

Parade of Techniques:


  1. What’s the name of the game? Listings! How do we have listings? We generate leads! But what if I don’t want to prospect though?
  2. A POT from Mary about the stats that came out of the NAR that were brought to the R2 Coaching Call.


Ask the Experts:


  1. I’m new to real estate. I’m learning what to do. But what I’d like to hear from the veterans on the call is what not to do… Or, what do you wish you have done more of this year?
  2. My number one goal is to increase my number of conversations. The challenge I have is last week I have 34 dials and only 3 people to talk too. I know I have to get my numbers up in order to get my results to show up. How do I have more conversations?