Episode 255: Market Corrections Equal Opportunities

Season #5

Parade of Techniques:

1. Well, as you know, we are a “get by giving” philosophy kind of company, right? It’s in our core values… What about a little “get by giving” this holiday season?
2. A POT from Mike from a student whose market is very unusual. Their market has increased a hundred percent in value in the last two and a half years. Which, as you know, is not sustainable. It doesn’t matter how many people are moving in. And the result of that is lots more expireds and cancelleds.

Ask the Experts:

1. 2023 plan. I need a breakthrough, I want to run my business better on a higher level. So I’m thinking, “Wow, how often should I do a client event? I’m hearing people do once or twice a year. I’m thinking maybe four times a year. What if I did four times a year? What would you do if you were me?”.
2. “I’d rather be homeless than rent”. Now, certainly, you and I know that there is a pain in the neck aspects to owning a home. Like maintenance. And there’s a certain degree of freedom that you have by being a renter like you can pick up and leave whenever you feel like it. You’re not tied to any one place. There are probably advantages and disadvantages to both. But we’re in the real estate business, so what should our opinion be?