Episode 257: How To Always Get To The Kitchen Table

Season #5

In Episode 257, Mike & Mary share a sure-fire way to get to the kitchen table; and how to become a neighborhood expert with a custom audience on social media; and the smart way to turn a Coming Soon listing into active and on the market; and how to streamline your Book of Business mailings.

Parade of Techniques:

1. A POT that comes from a gentleman who has targeted a 900-door geographic farm area. So up til now, he has just sent a postcard every couple of months. But now, he’s saying, “I’m going to double down. I’m going to figure out who lives there. I’m going to become the Realtor that specializes in this neighborhood.”

2. Did you ever get derailed on a listing appointment? You know, ring the doorbell, smile, pay them a compliment, take them to the kitchen table…


Ask the Experts:

1. Here’s someone who told our student, “Okay, we’ll list with you on such and such (a date)…”. So that date has come and gone. How many of you have had that happen to you where you didn’t get the listing on the spot, and they gave you some reason… So what do I do cause now they don’t want to do it this weekend either?!

2. What’s a Book of Business? It’s your two hundred best referral sources — for repeat, referral business, and reviews. And what do we do? We “Mail, Call, See”. So, I’ve been going through my database, and guess what? I got 283! What do I do with the surplus?