Episode 262: How To Win For Your VA Buyer

Season #6

Parade of Techniques:


1. The Parade of Techniques this week is about continuity programs and how affected they are, and how hands-off they are. 

2. A POT from Mary about contacting every old seller, meaning a potential seller who didn’t list last year, the year before, the year before, the year before… and every buyer who came to an open house that they were gonna buy but didn’t buy and followed up, and showed them houses, and didn’t buy.


Ask the Experts:


1. I’ve been journaling every day. I have a personal journal and a work journal. And it has become very clear to me that I am struggling with taking a full day off. What would your advice be? Do you actually take a full day off? If so, how do I do it?

2. My number one goal is to help this family, this guy, and his wife buy a house. They’ve been looking for two and a half years. They have been willing to write offers but they’ve lost. Like… four or five or six houses that they’ve made offers on and they lost. They’re writing good offers, they’re writing full and over full price offers. They are pre-approved except for the house. The glitch, the thing that’s holding them back is he wants to use his VA eligibility. So what do I do? Their lease is ending, they have opened up to buy a house again. Right now. How do I make sure that I get it for them?