Episode 265: Setting Boundaries With Needy Clients

Season #6

Parade of Techniques:

1. Three (3) listings in three (3) weeks! All from the same type of source! Guess what it was?
2. A second POT from Mike which would come in the form of two different situations. One was a co-broke agent who called my seller directly and demanded a showing. It wasn’t like they couldn’t get hold of me, they called the seller directly. What should I do about that? And the other situation was, we get to closing and they’re seeing that the half of percent that was coded in the MLS was a typo and we’re going to get a half of percent less than was actually coded. What do you do about situations like that?

Ask the Experts:

1. Yes, my number one goal is to get back in control of my life and time but my week was ruined by a client that was referred to me. And it was ruined because they’re beset by indecision… What do I do about it?