Episode 266: Never Cut Your Commission Again

Season #6

Parade of Techniques:

  1. Microsoft Power Automate. What it does is it reads your Google contacts. This and a second POT from Mary!
  2. In addition to your Book of Business (BoB), you want to develop a niche market, a special niche.

Ask the Experts:

  1. My number one goal is to sell my listing, priced at $1.65M. It started at $1.8M. There are three other properties in the building that are under $1.5M, there’s one at 600. But this one is like done! It’s perfect. It’s wonderful. It’s all remodeled. It’s absolutely great! But nothing is happening. I mean, I’ve had two showings, been on the market for 60 days… What do I do?
  2. One of Mike’s students has a client who is price shopping and he knows that they are price shopping because he is a Cutco Sales Knife Representative. They are looking at COSTCO. Don’t confuse “Cutco” and “Costco”. Costco is the big bucks store with all the discounts, right? Well, his parent company, Cutco, has signed a promotional deal with Costco! And they can buy one knife, for about 70% of what he charges retail… So how does he explain to his client and compete with his own company that’s discounting?